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AWR Charity for People


We are a charity organisation in South Australia with a mission to improve the lives of people in need and people with disabilities by supporting them through training and employment projects run on a social enterprise basis and focusing on recycling initiatives.

We differ from other charity organisations

We are not affiliated with any religious body and all our collections and the proceedings go to the educational programs and local projects on recycling, environmental projects and also the people who need the help the most (refugees). 

We have many charity bins in different suburbs on council and commercial properties in SA. We are trying to expand our operations, so we are looking for any business to provide a space on their property to host our charity bin. By doing so you are providing a free service to the community so they can place their unwanted goods in the bin and at the same time helping the environment by recycling and reusing goods so they do not end up in the landfill.

We can also collect any items being donated, from your place as long as you provide us with the address, date and time you want the donations to be picked up. Alternatively, you can go to our charity collection centres located in your area and drop off the items there.

We use most of the donated goods in Adelaide by selling them very cheap at our opshop in Kilkenny or give them away for free to people in need directly or through referrals by other agencies. We also export some of the goods to overseas so they can be used in countries that need them. The money generated through your donations go to providing training and employment opportunities for people in need and with disabilities.

Every year AWR distributes a few thousand of dollars worth of food vouchers to people in need directly or through other organisations that support and work with refugees.