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AWR Charity for People

Your donations and our efforts are making a difference……

    We at AWR have been busy trying to do our share to make our community a better place for people in need. We have donated more than $6000 worth of food vouchers to different agencies like AMRC, ARA, Hutt st homeless shelter. We are also one of the sponsors of the Thebarton Senior College football club which has players from many different nationalities. We have provided material assistance support, moving assistance and food vouchers to young people from refugee backgrounds in crisis situations from Thebarton Senior College and other agencies dealing with refugees.

    We would like to present the public with letters of support and appreciation from groups receiving our help and donations.


    Hutt st Centre (Homeless Shelter)

    Letter to Australia Wide Recyclers (AMRC)

    AWR Support Ltter ( Thebarton Senior College)

    Letter for Australia Wide Recyclers ( Adelaide Kurdish Youth Society)